Work as passion

It was born from an idea of Matteo Marcucci, born on March 14, 1995 in Fano,

in the Marche region in Italy.

He attended the state instituteof art in Urbino, graduating in 2009.

After his studies, Matteo played the role of camera operator at the local television of his city, becoming its director after a few months.

Here he had the opportunity, for a couple of years, to deepen his knowledge and develop new skills. Subsequently, he collaborated and worked as a freelance with a regional television, for which he made several television programs.

Finally, Matteo works as a freelance also with private

clients, present mainly in the regional territory, but does not give up on trips outside the area.

Icarus audiovisual was born in 2020 thanks to the willpower and passion that Matteo puts into his work every day. A young reality that has as its main focus that of creating growth, identity and brand awareness of companies and commercial activities.

Communication today mostly passes from 'online ' and videos are the most used medium. 


Watch the video presentation

' I want to visualize my fantasies, whether they are

good or bad 'John Carpenter


The priority is to make the customer happy, telling his story and his emotions through the video camera

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